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Photo by Darin Back

Photo by Darin Back


Let Me Explain, Jon Dee Turns 60 & Makes a New Record…

AS THIS YEAR comes to close, I’ve begun to think a lot about what is ahead of me
In a few months, I turn 60.
Frankly, my age has never occupied my mind one way or the other...I’ve been 40 since I was 13...but this one feels different. For one thing, I never intended to see 60; no one is as surprised as I am, except possibly my family doctor.
We have lost so many dear and vital members of our musical community and close friends...that’s what time does. But it also makes me keenly aware as I approach 60 that if I’m going to make another record I need to make it now.
I am 13 years older than my father was when he passed away. If I make it another 3 years I’ll beat my grandfather, who passed at 62.
And for another thing, while 50 may be ‘the new 30’, 60 still seems to be 60.
I played my first paid gig at 13, playing bass in a country band that included 2 AWOL soldiers, hiding out on the border.
And I’ve been playing more or less every day ever since.
Almost 47 years.
I’ve gotten to do SO MUCH, to see and participate in so many wonderful things, my life has been more than full.
And as anyone who knows me well can tell you, I am rarely less than ALL IN.
I played both CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City in the late-70’s New York, to open for The Clash and The Ramones at the Armadillo World Headquarters, all with The Skunks. Jesse Sublett is still one of by best friends in the world to date.
In the True Believers, I spent most of a year touring with Los Lobos and opening shows, got to work in the studio with American Music Icon Jim Dickinson, and was pushed into singing my own songs by Alejandro Escovedo.
As a member of Calvin Russell’s band I spent a year playing sold-out shows all across Europe and beyond. I have written, recorded, and performed with John Doe of X, and backed Kelly Willis both in the studio and on the road.
Then in 1996 I recorded ‘Escape from Monster Island’, my first solo album.
Over the next 22 years I put out 11 albums under my own name, and one as the Hobart Bro’s (featuring Lil’ Sis Hobart) with Freedy Johnston and Susan Cowsill.
ALL OF THIS to say that I’ve been lucky and I’ve worked hard. And coming up on 60 I wonder how many more tours I’m going to do and how many more records I’m going to be able to make.
I know I’ve got one more record in me (maybe more, but I don’t know) and I’d like to make it in my 60th year.
I’d like to make a record in which I made it RIGHT; with my full band in the studio, then we’ll promote it, market it, and tour the hell out of it (and you know how hard I work when I tour).
I believe I have paid my dues and kept my receipts, working as hard as anyone for next to nothing. Not a whining complaint but statement of how it’s been. It takes a lot to make a great record and still pay the mortgage. I am going to raise the funds to make this dream record. I made the record ‘GarageSale’ with the JonDeeCo-op, ‘crowdfunding’ before Kickstarter was even a thing yet, and so I know it works and I know we can do it. Labels no longer really exist like they used to, and even it was never about the artists. This is a record for my people by my people. For all I know, it could be the last record I make.
I am going to make this record with your help. Love, Yr Ol Pal, Jon Dee

Contribute any amount you choose, it all makes a big difference, from $5, $10 to $100 or more, it all matters and helps greatly:
Contribution of $30 receives a copy of the record and a Bear print:
Contributions of $50 will receive a record, a print, and a bear mug:
$100 gets you all of the above and a handwritten lyric-sheet for the song of your choice:
$250 get’s you a record and an original Bear drawing:
$500 gets you a record and a Bear painting:
$1000 gets you a record, all of the above, and your name in the liner notes:
$1500 gets out a private house concert in Texas, plus all of the above:
$1500 gets the above plus a 1hr songwriting/guitar lesson via Skype or in person:
$2500 gets a record and a house concert outside of Texas in the US:
$2500 I don’t know what the hell:
$5000 You name it: